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  1. My intial idea after the briefing was to look into 3D work and incorporating that into maps, i wanted to use the idea of large sculptures of map-pins and place them around key locations in town and in places that mean something to me. e.g Home, University etc. However i stumbled across this clever project by Aram Bartholl and now i feel like it has been done before. SO now onto further progression and development, making it bigger and better. 

    Here is more bout Aram’s work - 

    public installation

    dimensions: 600x350x35 cm
    material: wood board, wood beams, color, wire, screws, glue, nails,

    The project ‘Map’ is a public space installation questioning the red map marker of the location based search engine Google Maps. “Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.” With a small graphic icon Google marks search results in the map interface. The design of the virtual map pin seems to be derived from a physical map needle. On one hand the marker and information speech bubble next to it cast a shadow on the digital map as if they were physical objects. When the map is switched to satellite mode it seems that they become part of the city. On the other hand it is a simple 20 px graphic icon which stays always at the same size on the computer screen. The size of the life size red marker in physical space corresponds to the size of a marker in the web interface in maximal zoom factor of the map. Where is the center of a city?

    In the city center series ‘Map’ is set up at the exact spot where Google Maps assumes to be the city center of the city. Transferred to physical space the map marker questions the relation of the digital information space to every day life public city space. The perception of the city is increasingly influenced by geolocation services.

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